Creek Caster Spinners / Tributary Series - Set of 3

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Creek Caster in-line spinners are sure to delight avid anglers of trout, grayling, salmon, panfish and bass!

Quality enhancements were made to a familiar tackle box staple: built-in barrel swivels, in-line blades, hand-tied tails and bead-style slingshot adaptation are all marks of the Creek Caster. No more waiting for line to untwist due to spinning in current and no need for extra snap hardware to compromise a light presentation.

Pinpoint lure placement in tight cover is easy using the patented slingshot adaptation. It's tied right into the treble tail and is located behind the hooks for grabbing. Use the flex of your rod and the desired tension to achieve casting accuracy between logs or under a tree branch. This trick is a real favorite for stream anglers! 

Three color patterns are included in each set. The packaging is made from recyclable #3 clear PVC and a recycled card stock insert. Patent pending.

Size 5 in-line spinner blade
Length = 3.5"
Weight = 1/5 oz.


Watch these in action by watching the video below!

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