About Us


Muntz Angling is a home-based specialty tackle company in Saint Paul, Minnesota founded by Andrew Muntz. Our Trademarked tag line of "Genuine Anglineering" products combines lure builds with advanced engineering styles for better angling performance.

The company began in 2012 with the advent of Creek Caster Spinners, which combined a patented grip into small spincasting lures for ease of utilizing a rod-loading slingshot method of casting, the first in the business.

In 2014, our first bucktails for muskie fishing became available with FlyStyle and Flatulator models. The Flatulator was the first bucktail to contain an air chamber that leaks a trail of bubbles during the retrieve, by using a repurposed CO2 cartridge as a lure body weight. In 2016, a variety of build types were introduced in our line of Choice Snagless Bucktails which all feature tension loaded weedguards, a wire form construction that offers unparalleled performance for fishing weeds and timber. 

The Convertible Baitcast Fly was introduced in 2018 after two years of prototype testing. This design features a keel weighted construction with added buoyancy - two elements that in combination have put this lure in a class of its own! This hardware skeleton also incorporated the weedless construction found in our bucktails to create a bait that can be fished in places others cannot. 

Interchangeable parts have now infused these product lines. Several add-on components can be attached to these baitcast flies for additional functions and added product value. In 2018, we participated in product research of terminal tackle components to offer swappable blade bucktails and add-ons for muskie anglers to get more value and function with less gear on the water.

Our mission is to provide the best functioning products possible and to continue to innovate better solutions for obstacles in our way of what matters most - CATCHING FISH! More products are in the works, so check back with us for more outside-of-the-box ideas for your next fishing experience!