Weight Add-Ons

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Weight Add-Ons give any lure added weight to achieve a variety of depths. These are now specifically designed to attach at two points below any Convertible Baitcast Fly. Use the large snap to attach the weight add-on just in front of the weed guards. Push the front eyelet of the add-on over the belly eyelet of the fly and attach the loose split ring. This way the fly sinks without diving nose first. 


Click on the SECOND PHOTO for a visual on how to rig these add-ons on the flies ;) 


The 1/2 Ounce bullets are sized to pair with the Junior Sized Flies Only. Longer weights fit the standard size flies the best.

For use with the longer dimensions of the Mega Flies, select to include the extension snap from the second dropdown menu.

All weight add-ons pair well with bucktails and other lures out in front of the lure and the Crosslock Snap is removeable if desired.