Bucktail Blades

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Get the most out of your bucktails using the swappable clevis and interchangeable blades! Put blades of various size and color to your advantage for more color combinations with a snap! Reduce your tackle clutter with the use of these interchangeable parts.

THESE ARE INTENDED TO PAIR WITH OUR SWAP CLEVIS ITEMS ONLY! In effort to keep these blades available for customers purchasing swappable clevis items, we will not supply orders for blades alone for customers that have not purchased our swap clevis items and reserve the right to cancel orders. Our swap clevis items include Choice Snagless Bucktails with the selected swap clevis option OR our Blade Add-Ons with Swappable Clevises purchased with any Convertible Baitcast Fly models. Limited to 2 of any same size and color.


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