Delta Surface Add-On

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These Add-On Delta Surface Blades are designed to pair with our Convertible Baitcast Flies. In front of the fly, these buzz the water surface on a speedy retrieve. They also can be worked slowly on the surface when paired with any Floating Convertible Baitcast Fly. Sinking models paired with slower retrieves will spin below the water surface and can be useful for turning a casted surface lure into a subsurface figure 8 method for those fish that follow the lure to the boat.

Choose any of the blade colors to create your own custom add-on. These dual flap aluminum blades are offset and counter-clockwise spinning. These are assembled on a .043" wire shaft with a stationary buzz bait rivet for extra noise and a single 3/16" brass bead in front of the blade to reduce tangle. Attach these easily with the split ring to the lure eyelet. Total weight is about 0.1 ounces.

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