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Enter the MEGA FLY!!! This is a 14" super-sized version of the Convertible Baitcast Fly construction that is also built with a slow-sinking buoyancy. This monster castable fly uses a 10/0 Mustad 3551 treble in the rear and comes complete with the stowable tension loaded weed guards. These are extra loud in the water, containing 4 glass rattles in each lure so every time you rip it, the sounders are going off. 

These Premium Ties contain any combination of flash products, deer hair, marabou, synthetic fibers and premium hackles. These flies have the most detail and contain the most materials for the most "lift" in the water column. Total dry weight is about 4 ounces.

Back to the weedless construction, you can honestly have the confidence to work these lures into ANY COVER! Hook guards shield the rear treble until a fish bites down, allowing this lure to stealthily weave through obstacles unlike any other. These slow sinking models are ideal for working through submergent vegetation, log jams, bullrushes and timber bays. Starting in 2022, all flies also include a front rigging point for attaching a front hook and/or weight add-ons along the belly of the bait. Weight add-ons are also compatible by adding a small connecting link to cover the longer length of the lure body. Adjust your sink rate to hit your strike zone as needed with various sized weight add-ons.

Fish tend to bite on the pause when working a jerk and pause method and know that if you feel any resistance, it is likely a strike so stick 'em! The lures are soft to the bite and fish do not use the reflex to spit them out right away. It really is a super versatile muskie lure to have in your arsenal and you will find that these are highly effective for every month of open water fishing season - in springtime shallows, summertime emergent weeds, working river banks, and most importantly enticing slow moving late-season fish.

Premium tied fly pricing is based on seriously lengthy build time and cost of materials used. Base price is for the simplest patterns. Many more patterns will be added in time. Accept no substitutes, these are the real deal!


Weedless hooks for the front rigging point are NOW INCLUDED in the price of the fly. The Mustad 35647 Wide Gap Treble is the hook we prefer with the Mega Flies. Also see the FLY ADD-ONS section for weight add-ons to adjust your sink rate.


The "Ope-Awesome Opossum" comes with two interchangeable tails! One standard snap on tail and one sinister tail strung with 49-Strand wire to a 5/0 stinger hook for the "nippers"!

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