Hook Trailers

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Our weedless lure features are great for situational fishing, but sometimes more hooks are helpful for hookups...


Add any rear treble add-on to any baitcast fly or bucktail. It installs in a few steps and can be removed as desired in opposite order.

First, pop the weedguards on the lure. Compress the connecting link near the shrink tubing and slide the center piece toward the hook. The larger loop will open and remove the rubber ring. Face the lure vertically and slide the ring onto the downward facing treble. Then put the open loop end of the connecting link through the ring and around the other two hooks just over the shank. Slide the open loop end into the ring and re-secure the slide on the connecting link by putting pressure on the opposite side. The hook will then be rigid to the bait, but allowed to move freely behind it.


Our front treble option easily attaches to the keel weight wire on any baitcast fly. This also uses a connecting link in similar fashion. Push the open loop end through the sleeving in front of the keel weight. Make sure the loop end goes around the wire and out the sleeving on the other side of the fly. Reconnect the connection link and tune to the center.