Weedless Single Hooks

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These snagless adaptations are INDIVIDUALLY HAND TIED and not mass produced!!! The wire guage for the tension loaded guards is selected by shank length of each hook type. Strands are then tied and cemented on and shrink tubed. The guards rest near the tip of the barb and are not stowable like our bucktails and flies due to distance limitations. Add them to baits when you need them, just split ring on and off. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

The 3/0 VMC 7237BN Crankbait Single Hooks have a vertical eye that lines up straight under the crankbait when using a split ring to attach to the bait.

The 5/0 VMC 7171BN Open Eye Single Hooks can simply be crimped closed onto any lure eyelet or wire rig. These will have some great custom rigging uses!

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